Theatre: Falke & Lindgren
Premiere: 9.11.2012 in Tehdas Teatteri, Turku

Trafika tells the strange story of a couple who can only communicate through traffic signs. One evening while sitting as usual by their kitchen table, the signs takes over. Old memories and quarrels are brought to life in a dramatic rhythmical ride between past and present. Collision is inevitable.

TraFika was created since 2011 by the Finnish puppeteer from Sixfingers company Ishmael Falke and the Amsterdam based Swedish choreographer Sandrina Lindgren. Combining their experience in puppetry and dance, they create unique images and illusions in movement and scale on stage.

Touring information

Running time at full length 45 min
Stage required (height/width/depth) 3+ 6 + 4 m
Scale of show / Special requirements Rising audience seat (not flat).
No. of people on tour 2
No. of performers 2 (we operate ourselves our light & sound, without technician)
Used language No text
English synopsis Yes
Touring season All, when booked ahead in time.
Availability for workshop and educational work Yes, we offer special workshop: “Using graphic images in stage work”, which presents the working method behind this performance. We have been teaching this in Finland and Spain. For more details see:

Key personnel

Directed by Ishmael Falke and Sandrina Lindgren
Lighting design Jarkko Forsman
Sound design Niklas Nybom

Contact information

Contact Ishmael Falke
Position Creator - producer
Telephone +358505 606 316
Email isfalke(at)
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