Translating Theatre –
International Workshop Mülheim

The International Theatre Institute (ITI Germany), in cooperation with the Mülheimer Theatertage “Stücke 2021” and supported by the Goethe - Institut, invites translators of German-language drama to a workshop from 21st – 30th May, 2021.
If on-site attendance is not possible due to COVID-19, then attendance at a hybrid or digital workshop is also assured.
The aim of this workshop is the further training of translators in the area of drama translation. Furthermore, the workshop seeks to support new German drama and to help it to gain access to foreign-language theatres through translation.
The main focus will be on the translators’ work on selected texts, supported by a lively exchange of experience with colleagues and authors. Modern texts by contemporary authors will be experienced not only as literature, but also in theatrical form as part of the festival.
The workshop will be accompanied by events that will contribute to a better understanding of the cultural and political context of the plays and contemporary German-language theatre. These will include both public audience discussions after the shows and discussions with authors, dramaturges, publishers and directors. In this way, the translators will not only learn more about the latest developments in contemporary drama, but also about trends in the area of directing and structural changes in the theatre landscape.
Finally, the workshop will also offer a two-day seminar on writing and theatre practice. For this, once again the Goethe Institute will provide a grant to an international guest. In 2021, we are inviting the Indian theatre-maker and author Kamal Pruthi.
Working language: German
Seminar: Dr. Barbara Christ
Workshop: Andrea Zagorski
The call for application is aimed at professional drama translators from all over the world, who translate from German into their native language and have close working relationships to the theatres in their countries. Because of the focus of the seminar, we particularly welcome applications from translators from countries in South and South-East Asia.
Ten translators of various nationalities will be invited, although we can only accept one translator per target language.
There is no charge for participating in the workshop. The institutions hosting the workshop will cover costs for the stay in Germany (accommodation and daily expenses) and visits to theatre shows. Travel grants can be applied for at the translators’ local Goethe - Institut if required. Translators will be notified of acceptance to the workshop by mid-February.
If COVID-19 prevents the workshop from taking place live and on-site in Germany, it will then be carried out digitally.
Please send your application by e-mail along with a letter of motivation (no longer than one page), a bibliography and a description of your professional background by the 31st of January, 2021 to:
Internationales Theaterinstitut Deutschland, FAO Andrea Zagorski: a.zagorski (a) iti-germany.de

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