URB 21

URB 21 festival

Outside & Online

A festival of city art and culture is arranged this year for the 22. time despite the exceptional situation.
5 – 13 June, 2021

“URB makes space for incompleteness, enables experiment and connects communities, artists and actors”

The two-year coronavirus pandemic has significantly reduced job opportunities for young artists. That is why we want to organize the URB 21 festival this year – and of course for the joy that the festival spreads around. The festival is planned to be realized in the current pandemic situation.

The festival is mostly online this year, but within the coronarestrictions, we also organize some events outdoors.

URB 21 features new episodes of the URB Talks video series, in a new format. The focus is still on the encounter and discussions of two people, Fiona Musanga and King Sheikki, about culture, art and their important places in the urban spaces.

Choreographer Ima Iduozee reveals his latest works in the field of film and printed media. The festival presents Iduozee’s project called Diaspora Mixtapes, including a short movie Diaspora Mixtapes: Vol.1 and a magazine titled Diaspora Mixtapes: Print Portals.

Swedish Sápmi-queer activist Timimie Märak will give a lecture about art as a tool of activism. The online lecture is entitled 60 minutes of shame (resting is resistence).

The vivid voluntary urban culture is given the spotlight in Ines Särkkä’s documentary film Do it together (2021). The film tells the story of Suvilahti DIY -skate park and its current threat to be demolished under the new event centre.

The festival offers the opportunity to experience art also outside the home, but safely in the open air. Dancer-choreographer Ben Fury (BE/MAR) creates a dance performance X∙over outside Stoa together with five Helsinki-based dancers. In addition, a multiyear project Queer AI by #digiteatteri takes the form of an installation called the Garden in the courtyard of Culture centre Caisa in Kallio.


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