Kääntäjätyöpaja 2019

World, meet Finnish drama  

Thanks to TINFO’s translation grants, quirky and unique drama from Finland can be seen and enjoyed by audiences beyond our country’s borders. With our support, Finnish plays have been translated into 10 languages in the past year alone. 
Theatre Info Finland (TINFO) provides grants to translators for the translation of Finnish plays, including subtitling.  
In 2020, we were in the fortunate position to be able to offer a total of 15 TINFO grants, which will support new translations into Arabic, Catalan, Czech, English, French, Greenlandic, Persian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. A grant was also made available to support subtitling into English. 
All grants are awarded by a panel of experts convened by TINFO. The purpose of the funding is to raise the profile of Finnish drama abroad and to support performances internationally. 
Applications for funding can be submitted by theatres and festivals as well as playwrights, translators and their agents, but the grant is always paid directly to the translator. 
Where the translation forms part of a production or an intended production, the TINFO grant funding can only be used to cover some of the cost of the translation. The status of the cultural organisation commissioning the translation will be taken into consideration during the decision-making process. 
TINFO grant funding is provided by Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture. 

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In 2020, TINFO grant funding was awarded to the following projects

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