IETM Caravan Lofoten 2024 6-9.9.2024

IETM Caravan Lofoten 2024


The second IETM Caravan of 2024 brings us to the captivating Lofoten archipelago and the European Cultural Capital city of Bodø 2024.

Guided by a strong team of partners ready to give insight into the performing arts in Arctic Norway, we will immerse ourselves in the vibrant world of the performing arts of Northern Norway and explore the uniqueness and reality of this Arctic, artistic community. 

This Caravan will take us both to the city of Bodø and the breathtaking Lofoten in the North of Norway, where we will learn and discover how living in the Arctic affects the art, artists and the people of the North. Central to the dialogue will be the periphery vs centre, as well as the absence of Sami Art institutions, houses and artists in a region of historically rich Sami locations. Participants will have the opportunity to experience part of Bodø Biennale in Bodø before visiting independent theatres in Stamsund, Lofoten.


The IETM Caravan Lofoten 2024 is organised in partnership with two key, strong and local organisations - the Davvi - Centre for Performing Arts in Northern Norway and Bodø Biennale, Nordland Visual Theatre, as well as Eilertsen & Granados Theatre Company and Carte Blanche - the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance.

Participants profile

This Caravan welcomes both IETM members and non members to register. We particularly encourage those who are interested in interdisciplinary performance, contemporary dance, visual theatre with a strong focus on programming, producing or distribution activities.

This Caravan will highlight the work of the independent scene in Bodø and Lofoten and will mostly be hosted by independent venues. Due to a lack of support for infrastructure, these venues often face accessibility issues. Please check the practical info for further details.

Maximum capacity: 30 participants

Registration deadline: 30 July, or whenever max capacity is reached

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