Diversity of Identities in Art

A Month of Performances presents: Discussion – Diversity of Identities in Art

Host: Teemu Mäki
Participants: Timo Tähkänen, Vili von Nissinen, Paula Tella

The panel discussion will be held online on Monday, 8 March 2021, from 17:00 to 19:00. The audience will be able to participate via Zoom. The discussion language is Finnish. Register for the event by 7 March 2021 from THIS LINK.

An artist is commonly regarded as a creature who observes its environment with greater sensitivity than others. The act of creating art sharpens the senses and calls for self-reflection. Environments, ideas and experiences are filtered through identity into artworks. This process changes something in the artist. How are an artist’s changing identities constructed, from what sources and materials? Changes in social and other conditions can demand that the artist perform significant leaps or dives. They can call for evolving skills, adaptation or struggle to secure a minimum standard of living.

The Diversity of Identity in Art panel discussion will feature four visual and performance artists. It will be hosted by artist Teemu Mäki, DFA. Mäki’s research subjects include the cultural production of gender roles along with cultural, social, political and philosophical struggles over identity and empowerment. The other panellists are Timo Tähkänen, Vili von Nissinen, and Paula Tella.

“I think identity is in constant flux and evolves in interaction with its environment. Disregarding this change will stifle life and its diversity. For me identity is an opportunity for exploration, play, communication, influencing, understanding and thereby also discovery.”
Paula Tella

“In autumn 2019, I was sitting on the stairs of Culture House Laikku in Tampere, dressed up as Cinderella, talking to the audience about menstrual envy and how in the midst of attempts to pigeonhole me, I don’t know who I am.”
Timo Tähkänen

“Hyenahood is a form of otherness, of being the Other. A hyena lives constantly under watchful eyes. Exoticised and fetishised. Hyenahood means that one lives in transitional spaces, existing only in twilight after the sun has set. Hyenahood is not only what we want to be, but also what others make us to be. Hyenahood is moments of being raped by assumptions and demands that we be something. Yet, whatever it is, we are never enough, or we are too much. Hyenahood means we are called names that are not our own.”
Vili von Nissinen

A Month of Performances is a series of events that focus on performance and live art. Taking place in March 2021, it is organised by Artists’ Association MUU with partners. The venue is the new MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre at Cable Factory, opened last January. The programme also includes online events. The programme is coordinated by Helinä Hukkataival, Kikka Rytkönen and Timo Soppela.

The inaugural discussion Diversity of Identity in Art will be followed by an exhibition entitled Mirrored – Photo Performance, opening on 10 March 2021. It will feature works by 50 artists from 15 countries.

Stay tuned for updates!

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