Turma Residency

A Turma, Portugal: Artist Residency for Playwrights / Theatre Makers

A Turma seeks to welcome a playwright or theatre maker for the development of a two-month artist residency in Porto, Portugal from July-August 2022. The programme is able to accept a playwright, a performer or a visual artist as the project is related with the research for a new dramaturgy or theatrical creation. At the end of the residency period there must be an informal presentation of the developed work. The artist will also be invited to develop a workshop for local young actors and/or theatre makers to share and exchange the methodologies of the work.

The initiative In Residence, in partnership with Porto City Council, aims to bring national and international artists closer to opportunities to develop residence projects in the city in multiple artistic fields. The artist must be from another city and/or country, as the grant is different in each case: 4000€ (only for national artists that are based outside of Porto), 5000€ (European artists), 6000€ (intercontinental artists). This grant is managed by A Turma in articulation with the artist(s) and includes: artist’s payment, travel, creation materials, technical support and other logistic expenses. This grant is aimed at individual artists or companies, although the accommodation provided is a one-bedroom apartment. Other logistic expenses must be covered by the artist/company.


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