Artihost Art & Culture Residency


The Artihost art & culture residency program is the first attempt in Panevėžys (Lithuania) to create a permanent, continuous and professional art and culture residence. Continuity is expected through the implementation of a globally unique residency program based on the establishment of the first hostel in Panevėžys, cooperation with local and international partners, innovative non-formal programs.

The project aims to ensure balanced cultural development in the Panevėžys region by promoting the diversity of creative expressions, cooperation and strengthening the local cultural identity.

Overall Focus

The aim of the Artihost art and culture residencies project is to enable 2 art and culture representatives to create, conduct research and present them in Panevėžys (continuing internationally) in 3 months, involving and collaborating with other artists and culture representatives, art and cultural organizations, the community (Artihost guests, visitors to art events), thus promoting diversity and collaboration of creative expressions and strengthening local cultural identity.

Who Should Attend

Artihost residency program is intended for Lithuanian and international art and culture creators/representatives: literary arts (poetry, drama, story, etc.), the visual arts (painting, drawing, filmmaking, etc.), the graphic arts (painting, drawing, design, etc.), the plastic arts (sculpture, modeling), the decorative arts (enamelwork, furniture design, mosaic, etc.), the performing arts (theatre, dance, music, etc.), music (as composition), architecture (including interior design), researchers, academics, and all other forms of culture and art creators.


Residents are provided with a comfortable physical infrastructure (opportunity to work and present works in the most famous cultural spaces of Panevėžys and introducing them with local contacts) and a rich package of artistic and cultural self-expression and development, through education and mentoring. We strive to make the residencies convenient and extremely valuable for both the residents themselves and the city. Artihost residents are provided with administrative assistance, tools and periodic meetings of curators, mentors and partner representatives. The Artihost team and an international partner (Abroadship.org from the UK) will provide letters of recommendation applying for additional and further funding for their residency project.

Programme: Artihost Art & Culture Residency
Location: Panevėžys, Lithuania
Dates: 3 months (1 December 2021 – 28 February 2022)
Number of participants: 2
Participating countries: All countries
Organizer: Artihost.eu
Apply here: application form
Deadline to apply: 17 November 2021
Date of Selection: immediately, if you are right candidate
Inquiries about this training course: Justinas at hello@artihost.eu


For more information: artihost.eu/programme-artihost-art-culture-residency

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