Artists at Risk Residencies

Artists at Risk (AR) is a non-profit organisation at the intersection of human rights and the arts working to provide artists from Ukraine with emergency resources, travel aid, and residencies at host institutions across Europe. Since 2013, AR has been collaborating with arts non-profits and government funders to assist artists who are at risk politically and fleeing oppression and war in 26 locations in 19 countries globally. 

Today AR is at the forefront of the Ukrainian refugee crisis as it affects artists. They are focused on helping artists to safe landings in nearby countries and welcoming artist communities.

Do you have open residency slots, temporary housing, or access to local grants? Do you know someone who needs information on getting out or getting support? Are you an artist or cultural worker at risk of politically motivated threats and persecution? Please consult and share the Artists at Risk resources page and contribute with your resources or ask for support through the different available forms.

Please also consider donating directly to their fund to help artists at risk in this great time of need on this page.

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