Nightschool. Photo: Milla Martikainen.

Baltic Circle festival 2021

Echoes from last year - and something new

Ticket sales for two performances of the Baltic Circle festival have started! Nightschool, an overnight performance by a collective of the same name, brings echoes from last year’s festival, which had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. With two performances in September, the work is a voyage into the fantastical September night, where the senses heighten and borders start to breathe. 

On November 19, the festival opens with Ejaculation Falls by Essi Rossi and working group. It is a performance where a group of people gather together to celebrate sexual diversity. It invites us to examine sexuality's power and various dimensions, to give new words to the ways in which sexuality is spoken of. Ejaculation Falls is a joint production between the Baltic Circle theatre festival, Espoo City Theatre and the SICK! festival.

The Nightschool performances take place at a secret venue on September 22 and 25. Ejaculation Falls is performed at the Louhi Hall of Espoo Cultural Centre on November 19 and 21. Tickets from Q-teatteri and Tiketti!

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The 18th Baltic Circle festival takes place from 19 to 27 November 2021. The festival programme in its entirety will be published on October 1.

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