Building an equal arts scene #2

SAVE THE DATE: Building an equal arts scene #2 - Tuesday 24th 18:00 / an antiracist gettogether / Tasa-arvoisempi taidemaailma - tervetuloa antirasistiseen iltaan

Warm welcome!

Our next gettogether is on Tuesday 24th November from 6pm to 8pm. The meeting will take place at Querq space (Nilsiänkatu 10, 2nd door. Call Tehilah 0400497140 or Heini 0449361330 when you arrive) & zoom.

How we could support antiracist movements and build equality and inclusivity on art field? Is there something we could together? We want to get together in a non formal atmosphere to find out if there is something we could or would like to do together. Agenda: conversation, something to eat and drink, getting to know each other, learning from each other, plan, think and act. What could we do – in our own organisations or to change institutions – and then doing it.

For the meeting: Make a (small) change for better in your organisation, or find a place of improvement. You can also think about what is already good in your organisation

If you consider joining us live at Querq, please inform us by sending mail topic: GETTOGETHER to lauriantti.mattila@gmail.com (so we can see how many participants there would be coming so that we can stay control of the space not getting too crowded)

zoom-link to meeting:

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