LIS Lab Performing Arts - in collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo and Ricola announces the sixth edition of international call CROSS Award.

LIS LAB it is a residency financed by art. 43 of MIBAC, for the triennium, thanks to a joint proposal by MiBAC the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Regione Piemonte (the Region of Piedmont).

DEADLINE 15th september 2020

With the fifth edition the call renews and changes: 5 projects will be selected for a 16-day residence in Verbania with a fee for the production of € 2.000,00 each.

CROSS Award is an international award and aimed at early works in the field of performing arts (dance, theatre, music). The award aims to stimulate the investigation and artistic expression related to the union of different styles and genres, evaluating as a rewarding factors the multi-language practices and the commingling of techniques and codes related to the various performing arts. The artistic creation aims to be a mean of research and intervention on the reality. Through their relational and permeable quality, performative arts represent the place to build again trust on the community and social dimension of our experience of the world

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