ITI Open Video Call

Call for Performance Videos for World Theatre Day 2021

Due to the current unpromising situation of the global pandemic, the General Secretariat of ITI will organize the World Theatre Day 2021 Celebration - online. It will be a global Celebration consisting of a full-day streaming on 27 March of performance videos submitted from all over the world. All the streamed performances will also be available at the ITI worldwide and World Theatre Day websites after the event.
The General Secretariat of ITI is calling theatre artists and groups for submitting a creative production in the form of a performance video to enrich this marvellous celebration.
About the performance video that we are calling for:

  • Duration of the performance should be around 8 to 10 minutes.
  • The performance should represent the creativity of theatre artists of today.
  • The performance may be in any form or mixed form of theatre. There is no theme and no restriction for the site where the performance happens.
  • The performance needs to be understandable to global audiences that it is suggested to incorporate body language or any other means or use not much language or English.
  • Emerging artists are very welcome for submitting their video performances.
  • A short description of the performance needs to be sent to the General Secretariat as soon as possible.
  • The performance video submission deadline is 4 March.
  • With sending the performance video, you are giving ITI worldwide the right to stream the video and put it on the websites www.iti-worldwide.org / www.world-theatre-day.org. If a video is violating any copyright, the creator of the video is accountable.

ITI hopes that through this first initiative theatre artists from all over the world will be inspired to celebrate the World Theatre Day together. In these difficult times, it is essential to use the art of theatre to fuel people’s spirit on a global scale.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact with the General Secretariat of ITI: info@iti-worldwide.org.