ChinaSPAF 2021 – Application opens for the Pitch Session

We are glad to tell you that application has now opened for the ChinaSPAF highlighted programme - Pitch Session: Going to Mainland China! This session has been working as a very effective platform for you to introduce your projects to the Chinese performing arts market.

About Pitch Session: Going to Mainland China! 

Inspired by ISPA’s Pitch New Work Now, Going to Mainland China! is a pitch session designed for new international projects heading for Chinese performing arts market. International organizations whose programme has been selected by the ChinaSPAF consultants will have the opportunity to introduce their new works via video presentation to all the Chinese delegates of ChinaSPAF 2021, including major presenters all across mainland China.

Who can apply? 

All types of international performing arts projects will be considered, but prospective projects must be

  • New; and
  • Have NOT toured in mainland China more than once in the past three years;

Also you should keep in mind that -

  • Application is only accessible to the ChinaSPAF 2021 Official Delegate; and
  • One applicant can ONLY apply for one project.

When can apply? 

Call for application opens from 1 June – 31 July 2021.

Past examples

Below is part of the international projects that have successfully entered mainland China's performing art market through the Pitch Session – 

  • Mattew Bourne’s Swan Lake (UK) 
    2nd China Tour: 9 performances at Shanghai Cultural Square in August 2019 
  • Multimedia Theatre Dark Circus by Stereoptik (France) 
    5 performances at National Centre for the Performing Arts in August 2018 
  • A Cappella Musical Gobsmacked produced by Glynis Henderson Productions (UK) 
    Performed at Hangzhou Xixi Heaven Art Center in October 2018 
  • Contemporary Ballet Snow White by Ballet Preljocaj (France) 
    2 performances at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in April 2018 (as part of the gala) 
  • Modern Māori Quartet (New Zealand) 
    3rd China Tour: 12 Cities in October 2019 
  • Immersive Art Installation for Families Paper Planet by Polyglot Theatre (Australia) 
    10 performances at Shanghai Children's Art Theatre in February 2017 
    12 performances at Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre in August 2017 
  • Multimedia Theatre The Movie-Teller by Teatro Cinema (Chile) 
    Performed at the Great Theatre of China in September 2019 
  • Musical Titanic by Danielle Tarento Productions (UK)
    16 performances at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in November 2019
    7 performances at Shanghai Culture Square in December 2019

Click here for more information about the Pitch Session: Going to Mainland China!

Please feel free to drop us a note if you have any questions! Also, please note that early bird discount ends on 15 June 2021.

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