Cutting a Cake ensemble 2021

Cutting a Cake

A Play Reading of Christoffer Mellgren’s
Cutting a Cake: A Play About Justice in Six Uneven Slices - a play for the young audiences.

A recording of the performance with closed captions will be available until 8th of April, 2021. Welcome to TINFO's YouTube channel.

Christoffer Mellgren’s play Cutting a Cake: A Play About Justice in Six Uneven Slices is a playful rumination on justice, or what it could be. How is a cake to be cut in three slices, without anyone getting the lesser of it? Is it right to sacrifice one of four shipwrecked individuals in order to save the others? And what about the play itself, is it fair if everyone just follows the script? You’ll meet philosophers, ghosts and the legendary Ophelia and Hamlet during the course of the reading.

Translator: Edward Buffalo Bromberg

Boodi Kabbani
Satu Tuuli Karhu
Aleksi Kinnunen (drums)
Irina Pulkka
Matti Ristinen
Miiko Toiviainen

Hanna Kirjavainen

Stream director:
Jonni Pantzar

Christoffer Mellgren (born 1980) is a dramaturg and playwright who has worked for the Swedish Theatre and Viirus Theatre in Helsinki and is currently working as the operational leader at Labbet, a non-profit organisation which promotes new playwriting and new theatre forms within Swedish language theatre in Finland. Mellgren graduated from Stockholm University of the Arts in 2006 and has since then worked in Finland. His most recent play from 2019 named Cutting a Cake - A play about justice in six uneven slices (Att dela en kaka - sex olika stora bitar om rättvisa) is an educational youth play which deals with the theme of equity and fairness. The play won the 2019 Boismanska fonden’s Finnish-Swedish playwright prize. He is also the author of En sida dramatic: Att skriva för teaterscenen (Labbet, 2019) – a guidebook on playwriting for young adults.

In celebration of World Theatre Day

In celebration of World Theatre Day – initiated by the International Theatre Institute under UNESCO in 1961 – Theatre Info Finland – TINFO welcomes you to an online reading. In line with UNESCO’s work to reaffirm the humanist mission of the organization, when cultural diversity is under attack and new forms of intolerance, rejection of facts and threats to freedom of expression are prevalent, TINFO presents a bold play about justice written for young audiences.

The live event took place on 26 March, 2021 at Theatre Avoimet Ovet in Helsinki.



Organizers of the reading:
Theatre Info Finland TINFO
UNO – New Play Finland
Teatteri Avoimet Ovet – Open Doors Theatre

The event has been supported by Eugène, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygréns Stiftelse

Acting for justice. An interview with Christoffer Mellgren

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