David Glass workshops 2021

David Glass Ensemble Workshop Call

Two events upcoming in September in Helsinki: Creative Practice and Physical Theatre Workshop.


David Glass Ensemble Workshop Call in Helsinki, Finland

Rooted in the practice of Jacques Lecoq, Jerzy Grotowski, Augusto Boal, Peter Brook and Mike Alfreds, David Glass Ensemble conduct practical and rigorous workshops for performers. Starting from the body, and exploring principles of spatial dynamics, improvisation, observation and — above all — play, our workshops delve into a different territory of creativity. Our workshops combine thorough skill and technical practice with explorative, experience-based investigations into movement and drama.

Physical & Devised Theatre Workshop

  • in Helsinki, Finland, at Eskus, Esitystaiteen Keskus ry – Performancecentrum rf
  • Monday 27th of September to Friday 1st of October 2021 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9AM to 5.30PM; Wednesday and Friday 9AM to 5PM, including a get-out- of-the-space time of 15 minutes to ensure safe space for everyone)

Physical Theatre

This part of the course gives the participants a practical approach to physical theatre. The workshop is rooted in the body of the performer, and emotion, physical metaphor and action become the key elements of the technique. The workshop focuses on the three emotional centres of the body, the basic grammar of movement, fixed points, and the elements and the struggle of pushing and pulling. Beginning with élan (the French word for ‘life-fullness’), performers will learn how to have a greater presence on stage. Physical styles of theatre including Commedia dell' Arte, Melodrama and Realism will be touched at the end of the course.

Devised Theatre

Devised theatre now sits at the heart of modern theatre practice. Here the actor as a collaborative maker is central. The participants will explore the tools of eliciting, image-making, emergence, story structure and theme, to develop skills in the creation of original and authentic theatre. The participants will learn the fundamentals of Devised Theatre and will come away with tools and skills they can use immediately in creating work.

“David Glass’s Creative Practice is a unique and courageous exploration of the archetypal experience of being human.”
-Peter Brook, International Theatre Director

“David is one of the great teachers and artists of our time who has never been afraid to examine truth in all its manifestations; both beautiful and ugly, and has touched thousands of souls in a lifelong quest to connect and build meaningful relationships. He has the rare gift of marrying the deep intellect and knowledge of a scholar with the playful inquisitiveness of a child.” -Amit Lahav, Artistic Director – Gecko

How to take part

For enquiries and to apply for participation, please register your interest by sending your CV or a link to your website/online portfolio (FIN/EN) to the Ensemble Associate Producer

Ronja Siljander, ronja.siljander@hotmail.com, +358 (0) 50 434 4987

David Glass Ensemble commit to creating a diverse group of participants. Each applicant will be notified after their registration email is received. The confirmation of acceptance will follow via email. Please find the details on paying the participation fee below. The Covid-19 guidelines of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare will be followed closely to adjust the workshop arrangements and maximize the safety of participants. Following the recent occasional rises of coronavirus cases in Helsinki area, the Ensemble commit to fewer participants to guarantee the safety of us all in the workshop space.

The working language in the workshop will be English.

The workshop is suitable for performing artists, creatives and those with interest in engaging more in the performing arts field. The workshop can accommodate a broad range of experience.

The David Glass Ensemble workshops will take place at Eskus, Esitystaiteen Keskus ry – Performancecentrum rf, in Suvilahti (Puhdistamo, rakennus nro 6, 2. Krs, Sali 2/3), Helsinki.


Normal Price/Concession/Early Bird (until Wednesday 15th of September)


The workshop participation fees include the Finnish VAT (value-added tax) of 24%. Once accepted to participate, the participant will be invoiced via David Glass Ensemble with the fee payable as bank transfer prior to the start of the workshop in one installment. Please contact the producer if you feel like there are any financial hardships or barriers in paying.

The Company

David Glass is an International award-winning solo performer, theatre director, writer, teacher and creative thinker. He is one of the UK’s most prominent Theatre Directors and one of the principle founders of the Physical / Visual, Devised, Ensemble and Applied theatre movements. Trained at the Lecoq school of physical theatre he also studied with Decroux, Grotowski Alvin Ailey, Mike Alfreds, Ed Berman, Peter Brook, Master Lim and Augusto Boal.

“He has a unique imagination and a truly political provocation. David makes theatre about things that matter.”
–Paule Constable, Olivier and Tony Award Winning Lighting Designer

“David Glass remains one of the pioneers and key figures of British and International Theatre.”
-John McGrath, Artistic Director of Manchester International Festival

David Glass Ensemble is an artist led international theatre company creating vibrant, relevant and powerful theatre. Since 1979 David Glass has been performing and creating across the world, then in 1990 he established the David Glass Ensemble as a pioneering physical, devised and applied theatre company. Creative learning and engagement with artists and audiences around the world is central to the company's ethos, while vivid, celebratory storytelling sits at the heart of the company's values and process.


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