EUNIC Art Residency Programme 2022

The EU-funded project Euro-Egyptian Cultural Programme (EECP) is launching a call for  European artists to join a residency programme in Egypt working with Egyptian independent  cultural actors.
Furthermore, the purpose of the residency is to offer the artists from the European Union and the  United Kingdom the opportunity to spend time in a new atmosphere and environment, to support  cultural and artistic exchange, nurture experimentation and new ideas, and support research and  the development of new work. An additional aim is to implement artistic activities or programmes  that lead to Egyptian audiences, new production/creation, new markets and new visibility.  

Area of Support:

This year EUNIC and the EECP plan to support artists in performing fields including music, dance,  and drama. EUNIC and the EECP encourage freedom of expression, gender empowerment and  balance, dance as a tool for expression, empowerment and contemporary dance.  

About Euro-Egyptian Cultural Programme (EECP)

The EU-funded project “Euro-Egyptian Cultural Programme” in Egypt is a partnership between  the EU Delegation to Egypt (EUD) and the European Union National Institutes for Culture  (EUNIC) Cluster in Egypt. The project aims at strengthening European-Egyptian cultural  engagement as a driving force for sustainable social and economic development in Egypt.  

The project objective is in line with the shared interest of the EU Delegation in Cairo (EUD) and  the EUNIC Cluster Egypt to facilitate and enable synergies for enhanced European- Egyptian  cultural engagement in Egypt as outlined in their 2017 Administrative Arrangement, as well as  with the overall EU strategic approach to culture in external relations.  

EUNIC Egypt currently consists of 13 members. The selection of EUNIC for the implementation  of the project is driven by recognition of its members’ technical expertise in this sector, and by  their knowledge of the country and its major actors. With the agreement of EUNIC Cluster Egypt,  the management of this project has been delegated to Goethe-Institute in Cairo acting as a  representative of EU National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) Egypt, to lead delivery and  implementation of the project Euro-Egyptian Cultural Programme in Egypt.

What we offer

  • EUNIC will offer the opportunity of an art residency programme to three artists for two  phases/visits; (three-week and ten-week stays) including airfares, PCR test, honorarium,  accommodation, per diem and transportation.
  • EUNIC team will offer support to understand and learn about the Egyptian cultural scene,  identify partners and audiences.
  • EUNIC team will support artists with their planning and implementation phases on the  organization and logistical matters and work.
  • The EUNIC Residency Programme is designed to support contemporary emerging  performing artists from different disciplines in explorating and experimenting in their  artistic practise.  
  • The opportunity to develop their ideas and interact with renowned artists to share experiences

The Programme

This year EUNIC and the EECP plan to support artists in performing fields including music, dance,  and drama. EUNIC and EECP encourage freedom of expression, gender empowerment and  balance, dance as a tool of expression, empowerment and contemporary dance.  
The Residency is divided into two phases;

First phase:
Discovery and Planning Phase (February 2022). Artists will get to connect with the Egyptian  cultural scene, artists, eco system, get involved in brain storming, ideas initiations and planning  for the programme implementation during the residency’s second phase (September – November  2022);
∙ Learning about the Egyptian cultural scene and possible partners.
∙ Identifying opportunities for cooperation.
∙ Planning and drafting a programme for production/showcasing and implementation with  Egyptian partners during the second phase: September-November 2022.

Second Phase:
This Phase has a 10-week timeline to implement different agreed upon and planned programmes ranging from talks, panels, workshops to performances;
∙ Implementation of the programme.
∙ Live sessions or panels.


Open call: 14th of November 2021 – 17th of December 2021
Selection (short listing, interviews and final  selection)    18th of December 2021 – Mid-January 2022
Travel, technical and logistics preparation     Mid January 2022
Residency part one: Networking and programme planning     February 2022 (three-week programme)
Travel, technical and logistics preparation     June - August 2022
Residency part two: Actual programme and  production.    September -November 2022 (10 weeks)
Final reception and programme closure     November 2022

Who can apply?

Eligibility criteria:  

  • Emerging European artists with 4-7 years of experience from all disciplines of performing  art within the borders of the European Union and the United Kingdom.
  • Aged between 25-35 years old.
  • This call for projects is for the development of initial concepts and “works in progress”;  applications with completed/previously-showcased pieces will not be accepted
  • In order to communicate among the fellow artists sufficient knowledge of English is  required
  • Have a sample of their work to showcase or send a brief about.
  • Ability and willingness to travel internally, meet with new audience and cultures, explore  ideas and experiments.
  • Ability to work within a timeline.
  • Can travel to Egypt within the timeline of the residency. Full commitment to the announced  timeline.
  • By the end of the residency period, the artists will be required to make a final public  programme showcasing the piece they have been working on and subsequently participate  in a public Artist Talks, media interviews, panels or related activities.

To apply

- A letter that answers the below questions in your own way: (two pages)
 Why are you applying to this residency?
 What could you offer as an artist?
 Why are you interested in Egypt?
- Please share with us a sample/ presentation of your previous work.
- Your CV including nationality or nationalities, contact information and country of  residency.  
- Initial proposed concepts and “works in progress”; applications with  completed/previously-showcased pieces will not be accepted (one page).

Area of Participation? (PERFORMING ART)

- Performing fields including music, dance, and drama.  
- EUNIC and EECP encourage freedom of expression, gender empowerment and balance,  dance as a tool of expression, empowerment and contemporary dance.  

How We Will Choose the Participants?

- EECP and EUNIC team will receive applications until 17th of December, 2021. - Shortlisted artists will be contacted for an online interview.
- EECP team, in addition to EUNIC Egypt representatives, and an announced jury members  will choose final participants.
- EECP and EUNIC are unable to give individual feedback on unsuccessful applications.  
Artists will mainly staying at the Goethe-Institute Cairo residency space in the Dokki area of Cairo. Travel within Egypt will be planned with artists.
Each artist will have a separate room with private toilet in addition to a shared space with the other  two artists.  

How to Apply

Please send your application and all requested document by maximum Saturday 17th of  December, 2021 to opencall@eunicegypt.eu  
Please send your clarification questions until 5th of December 2021 to info@eunicegypt.eu