Sleeping is for the Dead

Theatre: Koko Theatre (Koko Teatteri)
Premiere: 2010
Sleeping is for the Dead

SLEEPING IS FOR THE DEAD is a tragicomedy of a mom who is needed by her three little children and her husband day and night and never sleeps.

The monologue is about a day in her life. Her exhaustion is full of comedy. Her husband Jaska does his best to support her, but she is unable to accept help from anyone. Despite her exhaustion she wants to take care of everything and keeps on going.

Dungarees, emotions, diapers, times of day and thoughts lose their shape. How is it possible to know it’s Tuesday? Why does the husband get angry, when you put a pacifier in his mouth? How can you remember, whose turn it is to push the button of the elevator today? And what should you do, when you have poured water into the microwave oven's ventilation system?

“Mom loves you all more than anything!”

The performance is physical theatre and includes lots of dance, mime and other physical expression which supports the text. The live music expressing her inside world, other members of the family and the situations in which she finds herself plays also an important role.

Original title in Finnish: Kuolema korjaa univelat

Sleeping is for the Dead Sleeping is for the Dead Sleeping is for the Dead Sleeping is for the Dead

Touring information

Running time at full length 55 minutes
Interval No
Stage required (height/width/depth) 3,5m/6m/6m (with video projector and a big screen)
No. of people on tour 4
No. of performers 2
Used language Finnish - please see the video: (password: KKU)
Subtitles Possible to arrange
Touring season Negotiable

Key personnel

Directed by Anna Veijalainen
Performers Minna Puolanto, Timo Hirvonen
Lighting design Max Wikström
Sound design Timo Hirvonen (music) and Juha Tuisku (sound)
Stage design Max Wikström

Contact information

Contact Teemu Seppänen
Position Assistant producer
Telephone +358 50 321 9919
Email toimisto(at)
Links Katso video
Minna's homepage

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