Ode to Love (Oodi rakkaudelle)

Theatre: Performing Arts Association (Esitystaiteen seura)
Premiere: 2010
Ode to Love (Oodi rakkaudelle)

A man falls in love. He is desperate, raging and his agony makes him go crazy. He wants flowers. He wants... all kinds of things. But he definitely does not want to be bothered with feelings.

"ODE TO LOVE is an intense, at times aggressive and humorous monologue based on Tuomas Timonen’s award-winning poems. In this show, heavy rock, reggae and poetry intertwine – the text is being used as gunpowder for shooting the bullets of emotional and physical expression. Actor Tuukka Vasama and director Vihtori Rämä have worked together in ten years; they share a very physical way of making theatre, where acting - and the actor - is considered as material.

ODE TO LOVE won the 1st prize at Thespis Monodrama festival (Kiel, Germany, 2010) and the 3rd prize at Monobaltija festival (Kaunas, Lithuania, 2010).

"The performance is an innovative approach of telling the oldest story in the history of drama: the tale of love and suffering. The actor managed, through his unusual combination of physical and vocal techniques, to create a world of emotional nuances of alienation and intimacy. The director managed to transform the poetic text into a physical and concrete landscape which gave the text visceral immediacy." - The jury of Thespis Festival, Nov 2010.

In 2011 ODE TO LOVE has been invited to Lyon Printemps d'Europe, as well to Stockholm Fringe Fest.

Ode to Love (Oodi rakkaudelle)Ode to Love (Oodi rakkaudelle)

Touring information

Running time at full length 50 minutes
Interval No
Stage required (height/width/depth) Stage built of 2 podestos (1mx2m), spectators on all 4 sides
Scale of show / Special requirements Room size 10mx10m
No. of people on tour 2
No. of performers 1
Used language Finnish
Requires a clear understanding of Finnish or another language Not necessarily
Subtitles Yes, in English
Touring season From 2011
Availability for workshop and educational work Yes

Key personnel

Directed by Vihtori Rämä
Performers Tuukka Vasama
Lighting design Working group
Sound design Working group
Other credits Tuomas Timonen (text), Dub trio (music)

Contact information

Contact Tuukka Vasama
Position Chairman of the board for the Association
Telephone +358 50 491 5737
Email tuukka(at)esitys.fi
Links http://www.esitys.fi

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