All Matters - No Escape

Theatre: United Snakes
Premiere: 17.5.2011
All Matters - No Escape

Themes of the performance include power, equity and deprivation. The group has asked itself: "Under whose power am I?" and "What kind of power do I have?" The elements of the performance include breakdance, contemporary dance, war statistics, documentary videos from Moscow, Helsinki and Chechnya, Lappeenranta rap, 70s disco dance and 90s John Oswald musical chaff.

All Matters – No Escape is a third part of Raw-Matters trilogy started by choreographer Arja Tiili. The performance had its world premiere at Erarta museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. United Snakes is a group of artists united by a joy of exploration, journey and sharing. They believe that together the group can achieve something new, baffling, rousing and even scary. All Matters – No Escape is a collaboration work between choreographer Arja Tiili and artist/doctor of fine arts Teemu Mäki.

"Our aim is to create performances that can be described also as something other than dance. United Snakes -group was founded in 2004 when Raw-Matters trilogy's first part was made."

Touring information

Running time at full length 93 min
Interval -
Stage required (height/width/depth) preferably 5 / 12 / 12m, minimum 5 / 9 / 9m
Scale of show / Special requirements Age limit 13
No. of people on tour 8
No. of performers 5
Used language English, Russian, Finnish and Swedish
Requires a clear understanding of Finnish or another language yes (see languages above)
Subtitles English
Touring season 2012-2015
Availability for workshop and educational work 1. Street dance workshops for schools: “Own thing – Violence free school!” - “Oma juttu – Väkivallaton koulu!” project that our association is running beside the All Matters–No Escape performances. Length: 60 min. for children in Upper elementary schools.

Key personnel

Directed by Teemu Mäki and Arja Tiili
Performers Elina Häyrynen, Ima Iduozee, Olle Söderström and Laura Vesterinen
Lighting design Meri Ekola
Sound design Kasperi Laine
Stage design Teemu Mäki and Arja Tiili
Other credits Dj, rapping on stage Kasperi Laine, Video Teemu Mäki (camera Timo Bredenberg & Teemu Mäki), Interviewees Ruslan Katayev and Sofia Tarassenko

Contact information

Contact Arja Tiili
Position producer and choreographer
Telephone +358 50 375 67 28

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