Phosphor-Tinted ScouNdrel

Theatre: Hunger Theatre (Nälkäteatteri)
Premiere: July 2009
Phosphor-Tinted ScouNdrel

What happens to the actors who don’t make it big? How does a small human being cope with the ever-quickening pulse of the modern society?

Eero Kilpi (1882-1954) was a character actor at the Finnish National Theatre for over 40 years, playing bit parts with great devotion, yet still dreaming of greatness. He also happended to be little brother of the renowned author Volter Kilpi.

This humane low-key antihero tragicomedy monologue has toured Finland since 2009 and marks the 6th collaboration with director Juha Hurme and actor Juha-Pekka Mikkola.

Nälkäteatteri (Hunger Theatre) is a touring theatre company founded by Juha Hurme in 1998. For the past 15 years Nälkäteatteri has been marking its’ own path in the independent theatre scene with strong text-based performances, at the same time both anarchistic and traditional. Company’s main repertoire consists of dramatizations of Volter Kilpi's novels and of Aleksis Kivi's plays. The theatre also produces performances for children as well as concerts.

Original theatre: Fosforinhohtoinen lurjus

Touring information

Running time at full length 48 min
Interval no
Stage required (height/width/depth) 4 + 4 + 3 m
Scale of show / Special requirements Two chairs
No. of people on tour 4
No. of performers 3
Used language Finnish
Subtitles English
English synopsis yes
Touring season From june 2013 to undetermined future
Availability for workshop and educational work Yes, a post-show discussion about the Craft of Acting, Stardom and Dreams

Key personnel

Directed by Juha Hurme
Written by Juha Hurme & Eero Kilpi
Performers Juha-Pekka Mikkola, with Sidi Lahdenperä, Juha Hurme or Heikki Herva or Mika Piispa
Lighting design Tuukka Toijanniemi
Stage design ensemble
Costume design Anne Kotola & ensemble
Other credits Based on the biography “Eero Kilpi – kutsumustietoinen rooli” by his son, Hannes Kilpi

Contact information

Contact Juha-Pekka Mikkola
Position Actor
Telephone +358 (0)50 3711 070
Email juhapekkamikkola(at)
Links Juha-Pekka Mikkola's Official Website
Hunger Theatre's Official Website

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