Dark Side of the Mime

Theatre: Teatteri Takomo
Premiere: 30.4.2014
Dark Side of the Mime

Dark Side of the Mime explores the grotesque like nothing else. It mixes together classic pantomime with porn, splatter, and violence. In its core lies the foundation of our common culture and it’s taboos – we simultaneously gasp with horror and tremor with laughter because we all know we’re seeing the same things, even though the images are conjured up using only gestures. This is possible since we all have a dark side. So, the first common denominator is the darkness, the second one is the laughter. We all know all the bad jokes we tell one another in private, intimate company. The ones we wouldn’t be ready to share with just anyone. Dark Side of The Mime exposes them in a very raw, unhinged, and – we’ve been told – hilarious way. So, if you prefer, you can see it as the subconscious of the world we live in, or, just take it as it is – a mime-porn-splatter-show.

Previous shows abroad: Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and Faroe Islands 2016

Touring information

Running time at full length 55 min
Interval no
Stage required (height/width/depth) 3 m + 6 m + 6 m
Scale of show / Special requirements Easy to tour
No. of people on tour 3
No. of performers 2
Requires a clear understanding of Finnish or another language no (mime show)
Touring season from 2014 -

Key personnel

Directed by Akse Pettersson
Written by Marc Gassot / Akse Pettersson
Performers Marc Gassot and Karl Sinkkonen
Lighting design Teemu Nurmelin
Sound design Karl Sinkkonen
Costume design Riitta Röpelinen
Other credits Video design by Jukka Mantere; Producer: Sara Nyberg

Contact information

Contact Marc Gassot
Position The Dark Mime
Telephone +358 50 563 5652
Email marcgassot(a)hotmail.com | takomo(a)teatteritakomo.fi
Links http://darksideofthemime.com

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