Executed Stories

Theatre: Juha Valkeapää
Premiere: 31 Aug, 2013
Executed Stories

Forms of execution drawn from all over the world, the job description of the executioner in the past and today, the diversity of instruments with which death can be inflicted: Finnish theatre maker Juha Valkeapää explores all of these issues with meticulousness, dedication and, yes, even humour.

Like an open-hearted magician, he demonstrates tricks and techniques, like a researcher, he presents documents and statistics, and brings to life convicts and generations of executioners before our very eyes. Valkeapää mixes songs and jokes into the murderous facts with a light touch, and casts a personal gaze onto the death sentence and its various historical and cultural variants.

Executed Stories visited so far:
Fin La! La! Laa! São Paulo, 10.-11.8.2013
Lokal, Reykjavik, premiere 30.-31.8.2013
Bastard, Trondheim, 10.-14.9.2013
Baltic Circle, Helsinki, 13., 15.-17.11.2013
Nordwind, Hamburg 7.-8.12.2013
Mousonturm, Frankfurt, 8.-9.10.2014
Barents Spektakel, Kirkkoniemi, 5.2.2015
Bora Bora, Aarhus, 14.3.2015
Festivaali!, Theaterdiscounter, Berlin, 8.-9.7.2015
Spielart, München, 2.-3.11.2015
Theaterformen, Braunschweig, 14.-15.6.2016
Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler, 18.9.2016

Touring information

Running time at full length 140 min
Interval No
Stage required (height/width/depth) 3 + 8 + 5 m
Scale of show / Special requirements Special requirements: three extra persons needed: a violinist/cello player, a lighting technician, a person who deals with the last meal (check the technical rider, link above)
No. of people on tour 1
No. of performers 1
Used language English
English synopsis English script
Touring season All the time
Availability for workshop and educational work A shorter version for youth also available.

Key personnel

Directed by Juha Valkeapää
Written by Juha Valkeapää
Concept by Juha Valkeapää
Performers Juha Valkeapää
Lighting design Juha Valkeapää
Sound design Juha Valkeapää
Stage design Juha Valkeapää
Costume design Juha Valkeapää
Other credits Artistic Advice: Kaja Kann, Kimmo Modig, Eero Grundström Artisans: Merike Lond, Sanna Bollström, Sam-Sam English Radio Voice: David Mawby With Music by: Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Lorne Clarke, Christoph Willibald Gluck

Contact information

Contact Juha Valkeapää
Telephone +358 40 7262424
Email juha(a)juhavalkeapaa.net
Links Technical rider, press reviews, photos etc

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