Porosafari / Reindeer Safari

Theatre: Other Spaces -collective
Premiere: 2010
Porosafari / Reindeer Safari

Reindeer Safari takes place in a semi-urban landscape where authentic reindeer might also visit. The participants form a herd, which moves according to the natural rules that correspond to the group behavior of reindeer. The herd chooses its path collectively.

The goal of Reindeer Safari is to restore the urban landscape to a state of nature by observing it from the point of view of a semi-domestic, semi-wild herd animal.

Reindeer Safari was awarded as the Environmental Artwork of the year 2011 by the Association of Environmental Art of Finland.

OTHER SPACES is a Helsinki based live arts collective, founded in 2004. Other Spaces invents and develops collective physical exercises, as well as participatory performances through which people can visit “other spaces”, i.e. enter in contact with the modes of being and experience other than human. The convener of Other Spaces is artist and philosopher Esa Kirkkopelto.

Previous shows abroad:
2012 Il Giardino delle Espiridi -Festival, Lecco,Italy.
2013 & 2014 Secret Hotel, Mols, Denmark.
2014 Santarcangelo S14 -Festival, Santarcangelo, Italy.
2014 MIR -Festival, Athens, Greece.
2015 Edinburgh Science Festival, Edinburgh, The United Kingdom.
2015 Auawirleben Theaterfestival, Bern, Switzerland.
2015 Skogen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Touring information

Running time at full length 5h 30min (A participatory wayfaring performance in three parts)
Stage required (height/width/depth) A hall of minimum 60m², no stage required. Part of the performance takes place outdoors.
Scale of show / Special requirements The group needs 2 full days of rehearsals in location prior to performance, as well as 2-3 local assistants to join in rehearsals and performance.
No. of people on tour 4
No. of performers 4
Used language English
Requires a clear understanding of Finnish or another language English
English synopsis English -yes, Finnish - yes
Touring season ongoing
Availability for workshop and educational work The Other Spaces -collective teaches workshops for a variety of audiences from different backgrounds and ages. Also the performance itself includes a workshop part.

Key personnel

Directed by Other Spaces -collective
Concept by Other Spaces -collective
Performers Other Spaces -collective
Other credits Produced by Other Spaces

Contact information

Contact Jenni Kokkomäki
Position Producer
Telephone +358409635442
Email info@toisissatiloissa.net
Links http://toisissatiloissa.net/
Technical RIEDERS upon request by email: info@toisissatiloissa.net

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