White Reindeer - sacrifice rite for the sake of the permafrost

Theatre: Working Team with Kajaani City Theatre & Routa Dance Company
Premiere: 8.10.2016
Produced / co-produced by: Kajaani City Theatre, Routa dance Company, Jäänreunan kansat /Fenno-ugrian culture and language project), Kokoteatteri
White Reindeer - sacrifice rite for the sake of the permafrost

The performance White Reindeer is based on classical Finnish film from 50's, White Reindeer, which were rewarded in Cannes International Filmfestival at that time. The movie is about a beautiful Samí girl who has been cursed to be a white reindeer and is force to kill every man who falls in love with her.

However on the stage director Hanna Kirjavainen has transformed the story of Pirita to "a rite of spring" -style. In this stage version the villans try to save their commynity from natural disaster caused by oil drilling, by sacrifacing one young woman from their commynity.

Some where in northern part of arctic hemisphere, a community is living surrounded by constantly expanded ecological catastrophe of enviroment due to a pressure of multinational oil giants. Villagers, living by reindeer herding, are strengthless. Other manners has run out, folk rely on thin long lost tradition of an sacrifice rite, on behalf of reindeer spirit. With that they try to placate spirits beyond and repair damages with surrounding nature.

First of all The White Reindeer is a topical plea of fragile ecosystem in Arctic Pole struggling with a effects of the climate chance. In spite of a dark subject, it happens without drone, with joyfull play, merciful compassion and with empathy of the idealistic glumsiness of human being.

Touring information

Running time at full length 90 min.
Interval no
Stage required (height/width/depth) stage min. 8 m wide, 11 m deep
Scale of show / Special requirements White carpet - dancefloor
No. of people on tour 7
No. of performers 5
Used language Finnish
Subtitles Russian, English, Komi
English synopsis on demand
Touring season from June 2017 till December 2018

Key personnel

Directed by Hanna Kirjavainen
Written by Hanna Kirjavainen
Performers Heikki Törmi, Asko Vaarala, Kira Riikonen, Sari Palmgren ja Marjut Maristo
Lighting design Hanna Käyhkö
Sound design Miikka Ahlman
Stage design Riitta Raunio
Other credits Choreography: Hanna Kirjavainen, Sari Palmgren, Kira Riikonen

Contact information

Contact Hanna Kirjavainen
Position director
Telephone +358405315138
Email hanna.kirjavainen@gmail.com
Links 2min trailer (password: VP)
35s. trailer (password: VP)


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