Cutting Edge

Theatre: Kalle Nio / WHS
Premiere: 2016
Produced / co-produced by: Kalle Nio / WHS & Helsinki Festival & La Brèche, France & Trident – Cherbourg-Octeville, France & Festival novog cirkusa – Zagreb, Croatia & Kumu Art Museum, Estonia & Cirko – Center for New Circus, Finland & Teatro São Luiz, Portugal
Cutting Edge

The oldest documented magic trick is by the ancient magician who could cut a head of an animal and put it back together. At the same time history tells us that it is within our capacity to commit, to accept, to watch and even to enjoy the spectacle of real beheading.

In the Cutting Edge, we look into this most horrific act and ask ourselves. Where does the identity of person come from? What is the symbolical meaning of cutting head? Does it matter how I die? Is it me who’s going to die? Why me?

Cutting Edge is visual theatre that creates and destroys illusions. The style of the show is balancing between dark humour and minimalistic tragedy. By mixing references of art history with classical magic tricks the show makes a unique combination of physical theatre, magic and visual arts.

Kalle Nio (1982) is a visual artist and a magician. In his visual theatre works he combines historical techniques of stage magic with cutting edge video projections. With his group WHS he has performed in theatres in more than 30 different countries. His visual arts exhibitions have been shown in museums and galleries in Finland and abroad. He has been awarded nationally and internationally from his work in magic, visual arts and projection design.

Previous shows abroad: São Luiz, Teatro Municipal, Lisbon, Portugal + Kumu art museum, Tallinn, Estonia + Festival Novog Cirkusa, Zagreb, Croatia + Théâtre de la Cité internationale, New Settings #6, Paris, France.

Touring information

Running time at full length 60
Interval no
Stage required (height/width/depth) 7m + 14m + 11 m
No. of people on tour 7
No. of performers 3
Used language English. Can be easily translated.
Subtitles Subtitles are part of the set design. Subtitles/surtitles: French, German, Portuguese English (or other language)
Touring season ON
Availability for workshop and educational work Yes

Key personnel

Directed by Kalle Nio
Written by Kalle Nio, dramaturge: Henriikka Himma
Concept by Kalle Nio
Performers Inês Campos, Vera Selene Tegelman & Jukka Tarvainen
Lighting design Jere Mönkkönen & Joonas Tikkanen
Sound design Samuli Kosminen & Kalle Nio
Stage design Kalle Nio & Taneli Rautiainen
Costume design Kaisa Rissanen & Mila Moisio
Video design Kalle Nio
Other credits Music: Samuli Kosminen & Inês Campos

Contact information

Contact Kalle Nio
Position Director / Producer
Telephone +358 50 5877042


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