Internalized Theories of Love

Theatre: Vera Kiiskinen and the group / Finnish National Theater guest production
Premiere: 12.01.2017
Produced / co-produced by: Vera Kiiskinen and Marjo Viitala - co-produced by Finnish National Theatre
Internalized Theories of Love

Internalised Theories of Love is intimate, traditional text based theatre with few technical requirements other than light and sound.

Ida and Leo are expecting their second child when, in a flash, their idyllic marriage collapses. The frenzied search for the guilty party is on. The crisis forces them to think about the purpose of their marriage. Who are they, and why do they even live together? They turn to Couples Therapy to find the reasons why they live together.

The quest for answers turns to discussions with earlier generations of the family, both living and dead - Ida’s mother from the era of free love, Ida’s jazz loving father drowned in his own drink, the toothless Aunt Ingeborg, a ‘spinster’ from the fifties. Do they have to separate in order to survive family life?

Internalized Theories of Love is an intense, atmospheric and compelling drama with incisive comic insights probing the challenging mysteries of the possibility and impossibility of love. On the face of it, the modern relationship between Ida and Leo is based on equality and partnership. But is such a thing possible?

The play throws light on the reasons and consequences of the crisis by having scenes with family members across several generations. Shifting perceptions from past and present produce subtle observations with moments of poignancy. Yet there is a true to life irony that makes you laugh out loud only to catch you holding your breath a moment later, as you wait to see where it goes next.

Original title: Sisäistetyt teoriat rakkaudesta

Touring information

Running time at full length 90 min.
Interval no
Stage required (height/width/depth) 3,5 m / 10 m / 5,5 m
Scale of show / Special requirements drama
No. of people on tour 8
No. of performers 5 (+ one child extra who is participating in one scene)
Used language Finnish (Swedish)
Subtitles English
English synopsis above + on demand
Simultaneous translation no
Touring season from January 2018 till January 2019
Availability for workshop and educational work The play can be a great tool to raise discussion among councelors and therapists, or for divorced couples and disfunctional families.

Key personnel

Directed by Vera Kiiskinen
Written by Vera Kiiskinen
Performers Sanna-June Hyde, Ilkka Villi, Kaija Kiiski, Jari Virman, Irina Pulkka (+ one child)
Lighting design Anna Rouhu
Sound design Iiro Iljama, Vera Kiiskinen
Stage design Josetta Ryynänen-Brotherus
Costume design Josetta Ryynänen-Brotherus

Contact information

Contact Vera Kiiskinen
Position playwright, director, producer
Telephone +358407772048
Links Video of the performance at FNT
facebook - in Finnish


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