Elämä (Life)

Theatre: Dance Theatre Minimi
Premiere: 5.10.2017
Produced / co-produced by: Dance Theatre Minimi
Elämä (Life)

The legacy of the Elderly is extremely valuable, we have forgotten that they are the ones who carry our past and therefore our present, it is the Elderly who are the narrators of our time. Why did we stop seeing the beauty, the pureness of life in the eyes an old person? Carolyn Carlson, the legendary choreographer and dancer with whom director Cilla Back worked during the project crystallized the main theme of Elämä in a poetic way: "Our old folks create an inner landscape... of time as Being."

The lens of our camera, the body of the dancer on stage, did not merely aim to document the outer being of an elderly, it wanted to capture the ephemeralness of life, each fragment is an anatomy of human emotion, of a life lived.

The film together with the dancers on stage form a whole which is best described as a three-dimensional living installation.

Dance Theatre Minimi is a professional Dance theatre based in Kuopio, Finland. Minimi does not only perform in Finland it is an international company that often performs also abroad. The annual 120 performances are seen by more than 15,000 spectators. Dance Theatre Minimi aims to sustain and develop mobility and support the general availability of Dance theatre. A special point of interest is the creation of performances that are multidisciplinary and where dance and theatre are combined.

Touring information

Running time at full length 70 min.
Interval no
Stage required (height/width/depth) 4 m 9 m 12 m
No. of people on tour 3
No. of performers 2
Used language Finnish - Italian - Swedish
Subtitles English
Touring season 5 / 2018 - 11 / 2019

Key personnel

Directed by Cilla Back
Written by Cilla Back
Concept by Elämä is based on an idea by Cilla Back
Performers Riikka Puumalainen, Mirja Tukiainen (on stage) + Featuring a special appearance by Carolyn Carlson (on video)
Lighting design Sam Siltavuori
Sound design Antti Raekallio
Costume design Cilla Back
Video design Kim Saarinen
Other credits Music: Antti Raekallio

Contact information

Contact Riikka Puumalainen
Position Artistic Director / Dance Theatre Minimi
Telephone +358 50 376 4824
Email riikka(at)minimi.fi
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