Arctic Odyssey

Theatre: Ruska Ensemble
Premiere: 9 March 2017 at the Finnish National Theatre
Produced / co-produced by: Ruska Ensemble with The Finnish National Theatre & The Greenlandic National Theatre
Arctic Odyssey

Arctic Odyssey is a polyphonic and interdisciplinary documentary theatre piece that brings Northern people together. With three young indigenous artists we collaborate and learn from each other in a shared forum. Arctic Odyssey combines movement, music, visuals and text into modern, ritualistic and dreamlike images from all around the Arctic.

Arctic Odyssey is the second part of the Arctic trilogy that the Finnish National Theatre has ordered from Ruska Ensemble. It is an exploration of the lives of the Northern people who open up their hearts to the world. How are the Inuit of Greenland doing in the middle of big mining projects? How about the Siberian Chukchi people under the pressure of multinational oil companies? What is it like to be a Sámi youngster in Finland? Which songs are sung by the campfire, what dances do they want to dance? What does a young heart desire in the villages and big cities of the North?

Arctic Odyssey brings many art forms together. Authentic visual and audio material makes a core of the performance. Rendezvous, stories, songs, myths and body language meet with the traditional stage art and document theatre creating something new and unexpected.

Original title: Arktinen Odysseia

Touring information

Running time at full length 2 h 30 min
Interval yes (20 min)
Stage required (height/width/depth) 4 (until the grid) + 12 + 7 m
Scale of show / Special requirements - some requirements related to sets, depends on a venue. - professional equipments of lights, sound and video, specified in Technical Rider
No. of people on tour 10
No. of performers 4
Used language English, Finnish, Sami, Inuit, Chukchi, Russian
Subtitles English and/or Finnish
English synopsis yes
Touring season from 11 / 2017 on
Availability for workshop and educational work Yes. Especially workshops with youth.

Key personnel

Directed by Jarkko Lahti
Written by Dramaturgy by: Ari-Pekka Lahti
Performers Niillas Holmberg, Connie Kristoffersen, Tuomas Rounakari and Anra Naw
Lighting design Nadja Räikkä
Sound design Tuomas Rounakari
Stage design Katri Rantto
Costume design Auli Turtiainen
Video design J-P Passi, Matias Koivuniemi
Other credits Choreography by: Samuli Nordberg, Director assistant Topi Marin, Producer: Linda Lopperi, Translations by: Anna Sidorova and Inari Griffin

Contact information

Contact Hinriikka Lindqvist
Position Executive Director
Telephone +358 40 570 6570
Links Video recording of the play + Technical rider sent for request.


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