Sleeping Beauty – Sexual fantasy and role play

Theatre: Reality Research Center (Todellisuuden tutkimuskeskus)
Premiere: 14.11.2017 (Baltic Circle festival)
Produced / co-produced by: Reality Research Center
Sleeping Beauty – Sexual fantasy and role play

Sleeping Beauty makes a safer space to explore one’s personal fantasies, sensations and feelings, and communication through touch. Sleeping Beauty invites the participant to step into the reality of the performance where power and surrender, trust and consent, curiosity and timidity, desires and fears, being seen and experiencing human beauty, meet.

The performers will be present at the festival lounge where audience members can converse with them about their fantasies and the possibility of making them happen. When mutual understanding is met, the participant can purchase a ticket for the show and move into an intimate, calm space for the encounter.

Sleeping Beauty is a one-on-one participatory performance that approaches sexuality through power exchange and role play. The performance offers an opportunity to carry out fantasies with a “sleeping” person. The participant can choose to be either the sleeper or the visitor, and bring along gears, accessories or props to one’s liking.

The performance is queer-oriented and it welcomes all kinds of bodies, genders and sexual orientations. Especially those of women, queer, trans and non-binary people and others, whose fantasies are not given enough space in our society.

Age limit: 18

Touring information

Running time at full length Total duration 180-480 min (60 minutes/one performance/session)
Interval no
Stage required (height/width/depth) 3 m-h + 5 m-w + 5 m-d
Scale of show / Special requirements a one-on-one participatory performance
No. of people on tour 4-7
No. of performers 3-6
Used language English, (Finnish)
Requires a clear understanding of Finnish or another language ---
Subtitles ---
English synopsis ---
Simultaneous translation ---
Touring season ongoing
Availability for workshop and educational work YES. P.S. Technical rider on demand (local technicians).

Key personnel

Directed by Julius Elo & Xana
Written by Julius Elo & Xana
Concept by Julius Elo & Xana
Performers Amy, Bambi, Jean, Kasper
Lighting design Alisa Javits
Sound design Tatu Nenonen
Stage design Alisa Javits
Costume design Working group
Video design Alisa Javits
Other credits Composed by Tatu Nenonen

Contact information

Contact Annu Kemppainen
Position Producer
Telephone +358 50 342 5476
Links video by Alisa Javits
photos by Alisa Javits


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