Entertainment Island 1,2,3 - A Trilogy

Theatre: Oblivia
Entertainment Island 1,2,3 - A Trilogy

Drilling through the vast world of entertainment and popular culture, from the shiny surface to the murky and private regions underneath, Entertainment Island is a project on popular culture and entertainment by the performance company Oblivia. Moving from the entertainment industry through local and to private entertainment, the trilogy explores entertainment and popular culture. The trilogy is shown as a full evening length work.

"Over the three years Oblivia has worked on the trilogy Entertainment Island, they have developed a unique performance language between minimalism and step dance, composition and comedy. A true discovery is hidden in Helsinki, but luckliy it will tour in Europe in 2011."
Esther Boldt, Nachtkritik 22.12.2010, http://nachtkritik.de


Founded in 2000 in Helsinki, the international performance company Oblivia is a unique force on the Finnish performance scene. Oblivia’s collectively devised, interdisciplinary and minimalist performances merge the boundaries of art forms and nationalities. The background of Oblivia’s members from Finland and UK are in music, dance and theory. This mixture of backgrounds and nationalities creates a vibrant and special tension and humour in the work.

From the beginning the core members of Oblivia have been working together creating a common performance language. Guest collaborators are invited to partake in individual projects. Oblivia is part of the Produforum network based at Korjaamo in Helsinki. Kiasma Theatre has produced Oblivia’s work since 2007 and has hosted the Entertainment Island project.

Entertainment Island 1,2,3 - A TrilogyEntertainment Island 1,2,3 - A TrilogyEntertainment Island 1,2,3 - A TrilogyEntertainment Island 1,2,3 - A Trilogy

Touring information

Running time at full length 3 hours (a trilogy, each part / an hour)
Interval One
Stage required (height/width/depth) 6 m x 10 m (width x depth)
No. of people on tour 6-7
No. of performers 3
Used language English
Requires a clear understanding of Finnish or another language No
Subtitles No
Touring season 2011, 2012, 2013 (option for touring, duration 3 nights incl arrival and set up)
Availability for workshop and educational work Yes. Workshops on artistic processes, entertainment and popular culture. A photo exhibition and a shortfilm.

Key personnel

Directed by Annika Tudeer and Oblivia ensemble
Performers Annika Tudeer, Anna Krzystek, Timo Fredriksson
Lighting design Meri Ekola
Sound design Juuso Voltti
Other credits Pia Pettersson (graphic design), Eija Mäkivuoti (photographer)

Contact information

Contact Marina Andersson-Rahikka
Position Producer
Telephone +358 40 512 8234
Email info(at)oblivia.fi
Links http://www.oblivia.fi

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