Field Kitchen Academy Educational Residency, Germany

Application deadline 22 June 2020, 23:59 CET

Ten residents will be selected to join the upcoming FIELD KITCHEN ACADEMY between 15 August - 8 September 2020. Curated by Ece Pazarbasi, the second edition of the Field Kitchen Academy will be realised under the title of The Curious Loop. During 3,5 weeks, the Field Kitchen Academy will host public events (the Field), closed working sessions (the Kitchen) and conceptual cooking actions in Wüsten-Buchholz, Perleberg; 1,5 hrs away from Berlin.

With three modules, the residents will have the opportunity of pursuing processes of experimentation, discussion, trial and error, progression of knowledge, know-how and creativity together with Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue), Bill Fontana, Hans Peter Kuhn, Ove Holmqvist, Hans Rosenström, Prof. Ursula Koch and Zen masters Sun Wo & Ji Woo during the first 3 weeks. The last half week will be the ‘simmering’ period where the residents are expected to do NOTHING.

Location: GUTSHAUS WÜSTEN-BUCHHOLZ, Perleberg, Germany / app. 2 hrs. away from Berlin. Selected participants will be announced by 6 July 2020. ­ ­ ­

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