Finnish season in Lithuanian National Drama Theater

Two contemporary Finnish plays, Mika Myllyaho’s CHAOS and Juha Jokela’s THE FUNDAMENTALIST will be staged in Lithuanian National Drama Theater in Vilnius. In addition, directed by Kristian Smeds’, monologue SAD SONGS FROM THE HEART OF EUROPE is part of the Finnish season in 6th to 14th October in Lithuania.

The director of Chaos, Yana Ross: – Our production of CHAOS is an investigation into a psyche of a contemporary human being who appears to have everything under control but in reality are only few steps away from a nervous breakdown and outburst of violence.

CHAOS by Mika Myllyaho (Lithuanian translation Aida Krilaviciene)

Sofia is a teacher whose school is being closed. Julia, a therapist, is having an affair with a patient. Emmi is a reporter in the middle of a custody battle… Over the course of one winter and spring, their lives are completely shaken up, making them feel like they're losing control.

Mika Myllyaho (b. 1966) is a Finnish stage director, playwright, and from 2010 he acts as a general director of the Finnish National Theatre. Myllyaho’s trilogy of plays PANIC (Paniikki 2005), CHAOS (Kaaos 2008) and HARMONY (Harmonia 2009) bites the reality of today’s individuals. In Panic Myllyaho returns to a theme he has often dealt with when staging, the problems of being a man. This comedy describes the neuroses of three young men approaching middle-age. A companion play to Panic, Chaos threatens the friendship of three women. Harmony is a rough comedy about work and passion.

Yana Ross (b. 1973) came to Lithuania from New York by invitation of Oskaras Korsunovas Theater (OKT) in 2007 to direct Elfriede Jelinek’s political manifesto Bambiland.  Jelinek is her long-term collaborator with Sleeping Beauty presented in New York. Ross has been directing also in Berlin at Volksbühne and deputed with classic opera (Puccini) in Klaipeda, Latvia. Yana Ross holds an MFA from Yale School of Drama.

THE FUNDAMENTALIST by Juha Jokela (translation Kristina Vaikutyte)

Markus, a reform-minded minister fed up with the inflexibility of the church, meets his old friend Heidi after twenty years. She has become a fanatical Sectarian who wants to save Markus from going to hell. Markus is shocked, but also wants to understand Heidi and help her. Between them develops a wrenching spiritual battle, where they are forced to re-evaluate what they believe and why.

Juha Jokela (b.1970) is a modern writer in the best sense of the word. His witty and surprising humour, compelling narratives and nuanced characterizations are tightly bound to the present moment. Whether focusing his sharp vision on the world of business or the spirit, he writes with deep understanding of the personalities involved. Jokela deputed 2003 by the play MOBILE HORROR, a comedy, set in a mobile phone company. PERFORMANCE ECONOMY (2010) is a satire dealing with performance as a basic element in society, politics and business.