How to be together panel

How to be Together?

Conversations on International Exchange and Collaborations in the Performing Arts 27-29 Aug 2020. Participate via Zoom at the panel and discussions.
We need to talk. About everything that currently is not, about everything that could be, and about everything that has been.
Theatre and dance works are often created by international teams and in production work across national borders. In many of these projects, translocal constellations are themselves a topic and transnational encounters the starting point for artistic work and research. International travel has been drastically reduced recently and will be so for many months to come. Our task, as international co-producer and local cultural promoter, is to unite the arts and the general public. Bringing together different perspectives from different regions, we are challenged to redefine the prerequisites of our work.
This is what we – and our worldwide colleagues – want to talk about. We need to see what the current situation means for the various parties in the international art industry and to exchange the ideas and strategies that have been developed and tested in the past weeks. For three days, we will discuss recent artistic experiments and other experiences and approaches with experts from all over the world.
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