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The Middle Eastern Bloc podcast is a serie of short episods written by people who belong to the cultural and/or linguistic minorities from all around the world.

When the first wave of the global pandemic hit the world in the spring of 2020, the makers wanted to know how the people residing outside their birth country experienced the situation. In the second season the aim is to find out how the communities got through the pandemic and how the situation has affected their lives and families and how they see the future. 

New episods to be coming in 2023 !

Middle Eastern Bloc Podcast – Season 3 to be released on 8th September 2023, at the festival Together Again 2023  Post Theatre Collective is inviting for the Season 3 of Middle Eastern Bloc Podcast the writers Nelly Winterhalder and Lois Armas, the sound designer Saku Kämäräinen. The podcast is directed by David Kozma.

This season 3 is commissioned by The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute and part of Together Again festival in September 2023 ”The pandemics hit the world like a tsunami, with several giant waves. Now, as the catastrophic waves withdraw, we slowly detect the impact that the past years have had on our lives, relations, work, habits, attitudes and values.

The writers Lois Armas and Nelly Winterhalder place fictional characters in this post pandemic landscape and explore the emotional impact from a both personal, local and global perspective.
The writing process will start from a common fictional frame which then allows each writer to express their artistic voice.” -Nelly Winterhalder

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