New Plays from Finland

Salla Viikka

Salla Viikka (born 1975) is a Helsinki-based playwright, dramaturg and graphic designer who has studied graphic design at the Helsinki University of Art and Design (graduated in 2005) as well as dramaturgy at the Helsinki Theatre Academy (graduated in 2015). Her play, Aukko (Gaping Hole, translated by Eva Buchwald), won the 2015 Lea Award for best play of the year. 
Viikka’s texts use poetic and precise language to combine themes such as gender, aging, and emotions and what sorts of roles they play in our daily lives, drawing inspiration from folktales, mythology, and science fiction to create art that challenges the viewer. She is particularly interested in exploring the combined power of words and imagery. The target audience for her plays varies as she has written texts for both adult and child audiences.  

Selected plays