New Plays from Finland

Laura Ruohonen

Whether depicting a seventeenth-century court or a modern apartment block, Laura Ruohonen (b. 1960) creates her own special world in her plays. Ruohonen’s texts are both poetic and down-to-earth, combining humour and tragedy into an organic whole. In her plays, people are inextricably bound to their environment, and an individual’s inner and outer life reflect one another, sometimes getting blended in the process. Ruohonen writes on many levels, and her works can be interpreted in many different ways. At the heart of her works lies a strong ethical core.

Ruohonen’s breakthrough play, both nationally and internationally, was Olga (Olga 1995), which describes the unusual relationship between an old woman and a young petty thief. Saari kaukana täältä (An Island Far From Here, 2003) is a play for teenagers, and premiered in London at the National Theatre’s Shell Connections festival.

In 2008, Laura Ruohonen was appointed Professor in Drama of the Theatre Academy Helsinki.