New Plays from Finland

Sirkku Peltola

Sirkku Peltola (b. 1960) is one of the most performed playwrights in Finland. She has won several national drama awards, including the Lea Prize awarded by the Finnish Playwrights and Screenwriter Guild in 2002. She has also been granted the Finland Prize by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Olavi Veistäjä Award by the Finnish Cultural Foundation in 2005. Peltola’s plays have also been extensively performed internationally.

Peltola’s works give voice to the society’s underprivileged ranks, the outcasts, and those who have yet to find their place. Small individuals are lost amid a vast world, in which confusion, amusement, and sorrow are combined with a Finnish mentality. Peltola’s plays center around the daily routines and phenomena in today’s changing world.

The themes of Peltola’s plays are universal and continuously relevant. A Little Money focuses on being different and being able to appreciate daily life. The play emphasized people’s internal need to carry on through life. The same thematics are present in her play A Humane Man (2012), where the value of life and appreciation of others play a central role. The Girl and the Crow (2016), on the other hand, depicts the extremities of motherly love and loneliness, which converge through four very different people. The strength of Peltola’s texts is in their dialogue: it manages to be both direct and complex.



Sirkku Peltola