Alkuperäinen nimi Kenttä
Kirjoittajat Okko Leo
Alkuperäiskieli Finnish
Kantaesityksen vuosi 2006
Teatteri Finnish Theatre Academy
Asiasanat Puheteatteri


The Playing Field is a political tragedy. It tells of two ground keepers – Esa and Antero – who work on a playing field, which is scheduled to be closed down. They are both employed as a part of a job creation scheme. Antero has a slight mental disability, which he has developed into a survival mechanism, and Esa is a “tough guy”, a hardened survivor, whose abilities have found no purposeful use in the world.
The other characters in the play – Raakkonen and the Playing Field – are there in both presence and absence. Raakkonen is an authoritarian foreman, who has given the unquestionable order to prepare the Playing Field for the up-and-coming school baseball match. The Playing Field itself is a living organism that appears to transform as the play progresses.
The ground keepers spend their time chalking baseball lines, dreaming, arguing, inciting revolution, and waiting for Antero's little sister. All actions on the field are of equal value and no common measure exists between them, because all perspective of values has been lost. The Playing Field is a portrayal of a society in which the individual has been reduced from an active subject to the role of a bystander in his/her own life. Oppression has become anonymous, and reveals itself as being faceless – It is not directed towards anyone or anything. The characters in the play have to imagine their own lives; their hopes, their fears, their crimes, and even their own oppression. No one comes or goes. There is no one watching any more.
No action has any meaning or impact outside of the field. The lives of Antero and Esa have been reduced to a verbal game – a kind of virtual reality that has nothing to do with real life. The only connection with reality is the counting of days as they pass by.
The Playing Field is totalitarian portrayal of people disconnected from society.


Kieli English
Käännöksen nimi The Playing Field
Kääntäjät Aleksis Meaney
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Kieli English
Käännöksen nimi Pitch
Kääntäjät David Robertson
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Kieli German
Käännöksen nimi Das Feld
Kääntäjät Martina Marti
Taina Sivonen
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