IETM Publication. Photo: Clark Tibbs

New IETM Publication: The moment for change is now

In this analysis, we looked at what trends the COVID-19 pandemic has generated and accelerated in the performing arts. Have there been any changes in power dynamics and relationships within the sector? Have there been interesting artistic developments which will expand and grow? Have there been any revelations about the future of international work?

This paper is a quick look back over the past several months, a snapshot of what we have learned so far, and an attempt to imagine a better future. It explores how the performing arts sector has been adapting to the pandemic and attempts to identify some of the interesting solutions for survival which should be scaled up and brought into the post-pandemic future. The report also provides recommendations to policymakers on how to support the sector today, in the near future and in the longer term, and how policies and funding programmes should be reexamined in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

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