New Plays from Finland


  • Second Nature

    "At its core, Second Nature is a play about mortality, which we share with other animals. The play strives to see humankind as one of many animals and examine humankind’s various relationships to other animals. It ponders human omnipotence in relationship to other animals, unnecessary and industrial suffering, the mundaneness of cruelty.

    The sequence of conveyer belts asks what is the difference between the death of the human animal and the death of those belonging to other species."

    -Pipsa Lonka in a TINFO interview

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  • Princess Hamlet

    The German premiere of Princess Hamlet took place at Schauspiel Leipzig in December 2017. Translation by Stefan Moster.

    "We remember those princesses who kill themselves (...)"

    Princess Hamlet by E.L.Karhu

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  • Casanova, My Wife

    Leea Klemola’s latest piece Vaimoni, Casanova ("Casanova, My Wife" at the Kuopio City Theatre in 2016) is shamelessly over-the-top, in true Klemola style. In Klemola’s world, borders are made for crossing.

    Casanova shuns banal relationship drama. Klemola sees movement and permanence through the eyes of an anthropologist.

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  • The Opening

    The Opening – an absurd sitcom awarded by Lea Award for The best play in Finland 2015!

    Woman facing up the horror of ageing and meeting a new younger colleague. The office rivalry turns to an absurd situation of generation conflict.

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  • Specs and Normals

    Specs and Normals is the story of Olavi, a special needs kid who is trying to find his place in a regular class and of Roosa; a girl who has already given up on her education and travelled off to space. It is a painfully topical and current play about being different, giving an accurate portrayal of the real world of children today.

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  • Take Off Your Skin

    'Lauri Maijala's Take Off Your Skin is a chaotic analysis, a dystopian carnival, a decadent morality play, a satire that shoots at everything and everyone - at the same time as being a disarmingly uninhibited blast.'

    - Suna Vuori, Helsingin Sanomat

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  • These Little Town Blues Are Melting Away

    Winner of the New Baltic Drama 2011 competition in Finland and Heidelberger Stückemarkt Internationaler Autoren Preis 2014, These Little Town Blues Are Melting Away takes place somewhere on the coastline of the Baltic Sea, in a place that strictly speaking is not even a village.

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  • Dreamteam

    "I often set things in "wrong" proportion to each other. This is what is surprising. I also try to say aloud things that are often kept hidden, that people are ashamed of. For example, "I wish I'd come across a grief like yours. When people break up, they lose weight."

    Minna Nurmelin, a playwright, on the humour in her plays

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