Flower Bath. Kuva: Karoliina Loimaala

NoMad House 2022 programme

We're delighted to introduce you to NoMad House's programme! Without our own venue this season, Mad House is finding temporary homes by inviting artists to craft proposals for audiences they'd like to meet. By bringing our attention to the centrality of audiences, we wish to open a conversation about their role in contemporary art. And so, artists have led us to people, and people are taking us places. 

We launched an open call in November, received 120 applications, and selected nine projects for 2022. In making our choices, we valued how proposals framed their target audiences and how they could speak to each other. The result is a fresh, joyful, and eclectic programme that gathers a plurality of artists, each with their singular path, research practice, and unique voice. Audiences are invited to engage in workshops, one-on-one performances, stage pieces, and participatory and durational works that showcase the richness of live art. Proposals touch on intimacy, care, ecology, queerness, equity and representation, and multidisciplinary and intergenerational encounters. 

Twenty-two artists will guide us throughout Helsinki from April to September. We will meet new people and visit familiar and not so familiar places. From children to virtual reality makers, from neighbours to bar-goers, NoMad House is committed to fostering new encounters in the city and accompanying the work of artists. 

Due to the nature of our nomadic adventure, we will provide more information about registration and the specificities of each work closer to their performance date. Follow us on social media (IG, FB, Twitter) and visit our website to receive our updates!

The programme is a joint effort between artists and NoMad House’s team: Tea Andreoletti and Daniela Pascual (curators), Heidi Backström and Pie Kär (board members), Pia Houni (managing director), Viljami Lehtonen (technical assistance), Marianne Savallampi (producer), and Laura Tolvanen (pr and communications). 

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