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Annika’s Talkshow with Essi Kausalainen – Plants, trees and music theater

In Annika's second talkshow Annika Tudeer is in conversation with artist Essi Kausalainen on plants, collaborations and music theatre. You will also get a perception changing tip from Essi.

Essi Kausalainen is a Helsinki based artist whose works operate through performance, textile, text, audio and video exploring the sensuous capacity of our bodies and their philosophic and ethical materiality. Collaborating with plants and fungi, artists, musician, plant biologists and children, Kausalainen aims to escape the hierarchical and linear ways of thinking and operating. www.essikausalainen.com.


Annika’s Talkshow with Veit Sprenger – So they both make operas

In Annika's first Talkshow Annika Tudeer discusses music, devising opera, art, covid-19 and much more with friend and colleague Veit Sprenger from the renowned Berlin based performance company Showcase Beat Le Mot. In the conversation they realise that both companies, Oblivia and Showcase Beat Le Mot are making opera and conclude happily that despite the distance they stay connected.


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