How to be together

Open Call: How To Be Together

July 9-18, 2021
Santarcangelo Festival

How To Be Together is a practice-based collective research that investigates possible forms of togetherness through an experiment of cohabitation in a temporary camp by a community of 50 participants: an eco village built in the beautiful Cappuccini Park in Santarcangelo.

How To Be Together sounds like a question posed with an anaphoric consistency by the pandemic crisis in 2020 that obsessively asks for the radical imagination of possible ways of being together in the awareness that collaborative practices are crucial for a different paradigm that get us out of a critical scenario generated by the neoliberal, competitive, individualistic and extractive system.

With How To Be Together we look at possible forms of commonality, ways of reaffirming our own being multiple, a coexistence of identities as multitudes, and the necessity of living together relying on each other’s entanglements and interdependence, as a tentacular and boneless superorganism. We will do that by experiencing common life in a real-life camp and envisioning possible future societies.
The camp aspires to become a playground for alternative scenarios, an exercise in worldmaking, a speculative act to tune in the cacophony of the present. The camp is conceived as a turbine of multiple voices, bodies and perspectives, an imaginative site to cultivate and accelerate possible responses to current boiling questions and rehearse alternative futures to the neoliberal paradigm.

We will investigate How To Be Together looking at:

G1 “Space Commoning”: the spatial dimension as a playground to generate new postures and relations. Facilitated by Jozef Wouters and Bart Van den Eynde.
G2 “Communication as a magic ritual”, looking at the way we communicate as a time-space opener, as a bridge able to channel invisible presences. Facilitated by Lotte Van Den Berg and Peter Aers / Building Conversation.
G3 “More Than Human Ecosystem”, investigating how we can be together with other beings, possible and impossible, unspeakable relationship with other species and presences in a more systemic and haunted reality. Facilitated by Ingri Midgard Fiksdal.
G4 “Aesthetic and politics”: the transformative power of arts to trigger political change or institute an alternative political Ground. Facilitated by Riccardo Benassi.
G5 “Wilderness as alternative knowledge”; how to unlearn, dismiss our behaviors and codes while listening to kids. Facilitated by Valentina Pagliarani (this group will be composed by 5 adults and 5 kids aged 6/10).

We welcome applications from artists, students, curators and cultural workers with an interest in exploring the question How To Be Together through a collaborative research, eager to reflect through experiencing and open to embrace an experiment of cohabitation in a temporary village of 50 people, sleeping in a tent for 10 days. The trust in open processes, an attitude for practice sharing and collective knowledge making are a must.

Application should be sent by Monday 23rd of May, h 5 pm CEST.

Notification of acceptance: May 31st, 2021.
Applicants to confirm participation: June 3rd, 2021.
You can submit your questions emailing htbt@santarcangelofestival.com within the 7th of May.

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