Greek Drama Fest

International festival of Ancient Greek Drama, Cyprus

Call for submission of proposals by theatre groups

The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus, have announced the opening of the submission of proposals by theatre groups for participating in the twenty fifth edition of the “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama”, which will be held from the end of June until the beginning of August 2022, in Cyprus.

The aim of the Festival is to present performances that highlight the distinctive nature of ancient Greek drama, always based on the original text of the tragedians and comedians of the Greek antiquity.

The “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” has been established as a distinct cultural institution with an international identity and has been honored with the European recognition of the EFFE Label (2015-2016, 2017-2018, 2019-2021), as one of Europe’s finest festivals. Hosting performances from all over the world, the Festival provides a contemporary space of theatre directors and their inspired teams to present their interpretation of ancient Greek text in their own language, shading their own district cultural colour on stage while providing the wider public with access to high quality performances. The Festival has established international collaboration with more than 130 theatre companies from 22 countries.

The theatre groups or individuals expressing interest in submitting a proposal for participating in the “2022 International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama”, should submit their proposal using the form, which is available at the Festival’s website: www.greekdramafest.com.

The deadline for submitting the proposal is: January 12, 2022.

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