Oulu Dance Hack

Open Call Oulu Dance Hack

Oulu Dance Hack 2022 (7 - 11 February 2022 in Oulu, Finland) is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded artists and technology specialists who are interested in creative risk-taking and collaborate in an easy-going and supportive atmosphere. The organisers are looking for artists from any background to participate.

Selected participants will get the opportunity to work in groups to explore the provided technology within a performance context, guided by experienced mentors. The programme will result in an informal sharing of ideas on the final day, including a small invited audience. This year’s hack will feature MiMU gloves, projection, moving head lights/lasers, robot dogs and automated platforms, 3D printing/CNC/vinyl cutting/wearable electronics, various sensors and interactive sound. The organisers are working towards making Oulu Dance Hack a carbon neutral event and hence it aims to support participants’ slow travel and to cover their accommodation expenses.

Deadline: 30 November

More information can be found here.

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