Open Call Young Curators Academy 2021


In the course of the 5th Berlin Autumn Salon, Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin is calling for participants to be part of the digital edition of the Young Curators Academy, initiated by Shermin Langhoff (Intendant of Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin) and Ong Keng Sen (Artistic Director of T:>Works Singapore and the international Curators Academy, Singapore).

The Young Curators Academy

is an artistic and activist platform for discovering alliances, exploring affinities, and consolidating solidarities. The Young Curators Academy (YCA) intends to nurture public debate, focus artistic conversations, as well as act as an amplifier for energies and intensities of resistance. The YCA invites interested individuals who work at the crossings of art and activism, in particular those under challenging political, social, and economic conditions, to apply for a place in the Academy to share their knowledge, reflect on, and deepen their own practices from parallel experiences, potentially empowering each other during the process.

The YCA explicitly welcomes intersectional makers – young artists, thinkers, writers, program producers, curators – who are both creating their own events or developing new forms of authorship and curation. In this context, the term young is understood as pioneering practice, the curators as individuals who are part of different communities and desiring to acti- vate them. The program is designed for those who are initiating transfers between different micro-contexts, and enabling relocations of the self, as well as new lines of flight beyond patriarchal borders.

The 2021 YCA is a digital edition of the Young Curators Academy (DYCA). It responds to the different worlds after the intervention of the pandemic. It is an opportune time to reconsider expression, resistance, activism, and communication in the translocal contexts of the participants.
The DYCA is an Open Access, Open Information, Open Source laboratory for international and Berlin-based activators. Access to the complete digital archive, after live streaming, will be made available.

The digital YCA 2021 has 3 parts:

Each participant presents (digitally, prerecorded, in English) a chosen project from her*his context for a public audience (approximately 15 minutes). All videos will be streamed for 24hours and afterwards be available on demand.

WORKSHOP - eight sessions, of varying lengths, between September 9th to September 24th 2021

The Workshop is a hybrid of online public events as well as online close-door sessions consisting of:
– a public program of lectures, performed research, screenings, archives of visual culture, with international scientists/artists/activists.
– a closed-door collaborative discussion/workshop/informal gathering platform for peer to peer interactions amongst the emerging activators.

An online journal embracing different genres as well as select thought pieces from DYCA participants will close the DYCA 2021 edition. This will form the beginnings of a digital archive of the YCA. These archival materials can be further activated by contemporary research, interrogation of potentialities, and reperformance.

Applications shall be submitted until May 30th, 2021 via email to the following email address: yca@gorki.de

The Young Curators Academy shall provide the selected participant with a participating stipend of 700 euros and technical support to record the Marathon.

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