Open Call in the city there is river

Co-creation and residency program: In the City There is a River Which Separates Us

We are happy to announce our Open call for co-creation and residency program: No Rio há uma cidade nos separa / In the city there is river which separates us

Sponsored International Residency in:
-First phase:
Rio de Janeiro Brazil (01.2021 - 02.2021) one month
Second phase:
- Aarhus (06.2021 – 07.2021) one month

Supported by Nordisk kulturfond and Solar Real.

We invite 8 Performers, Makers, and Artists interested in working in the field of (de)colonialism and territoriality to co-create a durational performance installation in 2021.
No Rio há uma cidade que nos separa / In the city there is a river which separates us is pushing for decolonialism and territorial heterogeneity.

Through sweaty bodies, breaths, heartbeats and multiple artistic perspectives, the project will start a dialogue about the absurdity of hegemonic social norms, political brutality and patriarchal domination.
Eight young independent performers coming from Nordic countries and from Brazil will each create a solo based upon personal territoriality's that are affected by the feeling of belonging. Knowing that their presence is affected by either having been one colonial power or the opposite of having been / being a colony, we bring together multiple geopolitical perspectives. The first phase will take place in Rio de Janeiro where solos will be created over the course of one month, following which they will be put together through a collaboration of the Artistic directors team to form a 12+ hour performance / installation. This will be performed at Solar Real, the Brazilian co-producer and host, in February 2021, in the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa after which the project will continue in Aarhus, Denmark in June 2021.

We will be selecting 4 Brazilian and 4 Nordic performers. Regarding the actual circumstances, the collaboration between Brazilian and Nordic artists will take place remotely. During the residency in Rio de Janeiro, the selected Nordic artists will collaborate in the conception and creation of the performance, participating in online meetings, sending provocations and bringing a Nordic perspective to a project on Brazilian land. During the second phase of the project, Brazilian artists will direct and give the guidelines for a reterritorialization of the performance to take place, this time reactivated by Nordic bodies.

To be eligible the artist must:

- Consider themselves or be based in Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Island, Norway, Sweden, Greenland or Finland.
- Consider themself as Brazilian and live in Brazil
- Be available for all the dates of the residency for both phases.

The Residency includes:

- Artist Fee 800 euro
- Housing (collective room, access to the kitchen and bathroom)
- One showing of the collective work in each residency phase
- Studio space
- Artistic guidance

The Residency do not includes:
- Per diems
- Insurance
- Travel cost

The form is open to edit during the whole period of the open call

Questions to : orioquenossepara@gmail.com

For more information:

Deadline: 15.10.2020
Expected answer: 15.11.2020

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