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European Festivals Association (EFA) on julkaissut kansainvälistä liikkuvuutta käsittelevän opaskirjasarjan The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers. Kirjasarja tarjoaa päivitettyä tietoa sosiaaliturvasta, verotuksesta, tekijänoikeuksista ja viisumeista. Kirjasarjaan EFA sanoo koonneensa lakiasiantuntijoiden ohjeet selkeästi ymmärrettävään muotoon. Teokset on saatavilla englannin- ja tšekinkielisinä sekä tekijänoikeusopus myös ranskaksi.

OTM (On the Move)

is the cultural mobility information network active in Europe and worldwide. OTM supports access to information and resources on cultural mobility opportunities and advocates for a socially and environmentally responsible cultural mobility.

OTM regularly publishes Cultural Mobility Funding Guides available for download, free of charge, from its website and distributed broadly at European and international levels to facilitate the access to quality information in relation to funding schemes and travel grants partially or entirely dedicated to the support of cross-border initiatives. The Balkan region guide gives a sample: https://motovila.si/en/mobility-funding-guide-for-the-balkan-region/

Finding the updated info concerning the mobility news, please explore On-The-Move:
Mobility Funding
Mobility Library
Mobility News

Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) & On-The-Move (OTM) have launched and updated 
Mobility Funding Guides. Please explore.

Kansainvälinen esittävien taiteiden verkosto IETM julkaisee verkkolehtiä, raportteja ja työkalupakkeja, jotka voi ladata ja lukea IETM:n verkkosivuilta. 

Kompas 1 
Tools of navigation for touring and co-producing theatres in Denmark and Sweden.

Scensveriges (Swedish ITI) internationella gästspelsguide:
Denna sida vänder sig till dig som ska turnera utomlands eller ta emot ett gästspel från ett annat land.

TheTheatreTimes.com has launched Performap.com, an Interactive Digital Map of Global Theatre Festivals.
Check / submit: http://performap.com/submit/

TheTheatreTimes.com on julkaissut digitaalisen kartan maailman teatterifestivaaleista.
Ilmoittautumiset ja päivitykset: http://performap.com/submit/

Kansainvälisen liikkuvuuden vihreä opas:

Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts: new On the Move research dossier!

Commissioned by On The Move to creative industries environmental experts Julie’s Bicycle, the Green Mobility Guide offers practical recommendations for professionals across the performing arts, case studies and resources, including the Julie’s Bicycle “IG tool” for tracking carbon emissions while on tour.

Download the Green Mobility Guide from this link bellow:
The Green Mobility Guide - a guide to environmentally sustainable mobility for performing arts

We invite you to get inspired by other experiences in the arts world - Drom Cultura, IETM/Australia Council for the Arts,  Imagine 2020 network, festivals such as Noorderzone, Electrosmog and Alkantara and many others - and raise your awareness of the impact of all our choices onto the environment and what can be done to make a difference!
Have you heard about biofuels? Carbon footprint? Embodied energy and carbon? Emissions trading? Green Champions? Not really sure about what it means? Check the Glossary on chapter 8.0!

Keep on being mobile yet take into account our environment too!

Mapping of Funding Opportunities for International Cultural Exchange in Asia and Europe

Are you an artist looking for support to participate in a training course or a co-production in another European country? Interested in finding residences abroad? Are you a cultural organisation aiming to host partners from other countries in Europe? Looking for support for your international exchanges?

The mobility funding guides were initiated by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and On the Move (OTM) through their online portals:


(edition September 2011):

Guide to Funding Opportunities for the International Mobility of Artists and Culture Professionals in Europe by On the Move (OTM) and PRACTICS

The Guide covers:

  • Public and private funding sources for the mobility of artists and culture professionals in 35 European countries, as well as at EU level, including 750 mobility schemes, designed or managed by almost 500 different organisations.
  •   A diversity of art forms and cultural sectors, spanning the performing arts, visual arts, audiovisual and media, music, literature, heritage, cross-disciplinary arts, research and cultural management.

The Guide aims to improve the availability and transparency of information to facilitate the international mobility of artists and culture professionals in the EU.

The information contained in this document has been collected and analysed by Interarts, a partner of the European project PRACTICS, and by On the Move in early 2011. It has been supported by the European Commission, as well as by France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication and Spain’s Ministry of Culture.

To Moscow

Networking and Mobility Guide

A Handbook for theatres in preparation of guest performances in Russia

To Moscow

The handbook is a small guide for the major project a guest performance in Russia still inevitably will be. It is primarily aimed at independent companies, but other theatres planning to cooperate with Russian theatres and festivals also benefit from the guidebook. We focus on cultural exchange, the encounter between two cultures.

Parts of the materials of this handbook are also available at the following internet sites:


Editor-in-chief Helena Autio-Meloni

Funding opportunities for international cultural exchange in Asia

Mobility Funding Guides 2nd Edition

Initiated by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)  through its online portal culture360.org, the 21 mobility funding guides are a concrete output of the mapping of funding opportunities for international cultural exchange in 19 countries in Asia. The initial research was conducted with the cooperation of Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS), Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication (PARC), Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM) and Arts Network Asia (ANA).


Guide to funding opportunities - focus 13 Arab countries

A guide supported by Korea Arts Management Service, with the research support of the Arab
Education Forum and the overall coordination by On the Move. The research was done in cooperation with the Jordanian Hashemite Fund For Human Development and the Queed Zein Al-Sharaf Institute for Development. Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.