Performing HEL ohjelmisto

Performing HEL showcase

Kahdeksan suomalaisen esittävän taiteen kentän toimijan yhteinen ponnistus, Performing HEL showcase, esittelee syyskuussa 2021 kiinnostavan kattauksen ajankohtaista sirkusta, tanssia ja teatteria Suomesta.

Helsingissä 2.-5.9.2021 jo kolmatta kertaa järjestettävä tapahtuma on suunnattu kansainvälisille ja kotimaisille presenttereille sekä teatteri- ja festivaalijohtajille. Rekisteröityminen verkossa. Rekisteröityminen Online-tapahtumiin 29.8.2021 mennessä.

Online programme of Performing HEL 2021

Everything scheduled below will be streamed live from the event. However, no worries if you don’t have time to watch the program live. The program can be found as a recording on the website after the event.

Thursday, September 2

15.00 (EEST) Opening event and a seminar

How Finnish and Russian performing arts professionals collaborate despite changing winds?

With closed borders, disconnection and difficulties to communicate, it is performing arts that have the capacity to find common ground. Together with performing arts professionals the seminar participants will discuss perspectives on, possibilities and case examples of collaboration with Russia: from governmental cultural institutions to freelancers. The panel will also address the economical challenges and censorship in performing arts and more generally in relation to current political realities. Read more

Friday, September 3

10.00-12.00 (EEST) | 6 x Artist pitch

Oblivia: Obsessions
Blind Gut Company: Transparent Surfaces
Johanna Nuutinen +CO: Skin Hunger
Rossi, Durnenkov & Peretrukhina: A New Project
Otava project: Otava
Sonya Lindfors: camouflage

15.00-16.30 (EEST) | 3 x Demo

Mikko Niemistö: Odd Meters
Kallo Collective: The Divine Lie
Jenni-Elina von Bagh: A Prologue

Saturday, September 4

10.00-12.00 (EEST) | 6 x Artist pitch

Turunen Company: Trilogy of stage productions by Saara Turunen
Sisus: Split Ends
Janina Rajakangas: Meadow
sadsongskomplex.fi: …and the rest is silence
Agit-Cirk: Ghost Town
Kekäläinen & Company: If I would lose my voice

15.00-17.00 (EEST) | 4 x Demo

Sari Palmgren & Co: Joy Riot
Race Horse Company: O’DD
Portmanteau: Piste, piste, piste
Maija Hirvanen ja Juha Valkeapää: Life as we know it

Pre-recorded full-length pieces available in September on the website:

Tiia Kasurinen: I’m not entirely here… (cybersad) – also live
Michael Baran: Hitler and Blondi – only online
Laura Jäntti: The Ghost Sonata – only online

And finally – Dear presenter, watching recordings is nice, the internet is wonderful, but nothing beats the opportunity to meet face to face after a long break! So if you are still considering participating in the event in Helsinki, please do not hesitate to sign up for the live event! We’ll do our very best to make it happen.

These full-length performances you can only experience live in Helsinki:

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